the essence
of Friuli

Cantina Rauscedo represents us. We take our name from the place that hosts us. 100 years ago our community had the idea of saving the grapevine by grafting and today we still work very hard to grow our vines among stones in order to create authentic wines with distinctive characteristics.


Essence seekers

As proud people of a beautiful and sometimes arduous region, we create unexpected wealth from bare and gravelly soils and bring the essence of Friuli into your glasses. Our vineyards, that grow among stones, distill extraordinarily fresh and aromatic wines from this unique type of ground. The wines are faithful to their grape variety, they gracefully spread their aroma and they can naturally win your heart.

Our wines

Our wines are the result of a very respectful approach to our land and its products, and of a deeply-rooted vine culture that appreciates each and every grape variety and expresses their qualities. Our fresh and surprising wines are the reflection of the purest essence of our territory.

Casa Quaranta


Casa Quaranta


The Gems

Ribolla Gialla


Our unique terroir

Our territory locates in the southern floodplain of Friuli and is surrounded by rivers Tagliamento, Meduna and Cellina. Their gravel riverbeds are bare but full of life and give our grapevines unique aromas creating fresh and aromatic wines.


Our product lines

Light, fresh and with a pleasent aroma our wines are made in the area of the ‘stones of Friuli’, an extraordinary land surrounded by rivers Tagliamento, Meduna and Cellina.

Bottiglia di vino fermo Sauvignon linea Rauscedo

Still wines Rauscedo

This is our welcome into the most authentic Friuli. These wines are the most honest expression of our main grape varieties, that are easy to distinguish. Their aroma is surprisingly elegant, light and fresh. They can fit any occasion.

Casa Quaranta

“Casa Quaranta” is the land where everything started 70 years ago. A line of “cru” wines created from a plant that was once uncultivated but has now become a reference for viticulture within and outside the region.

Bottiglia di vino fermo Sauvignon linea Casa Quaranta
Bottiglia di linea Rauscedo

Sparkling wines Rauscedo

The tradition of Friuli has gifted us with light and fresh wines that become lively bubbles through the Charmat method and are faithful to their variety aromas and perfect to every occasion.

Sparkling wines
The Gems

Our most precious sparkling wines created from the most original grape variety and the most suitable lands. A meticulous process and a long wait resulting in rich aromas and elegant and unique notes.

Bottiglia di spumante Ribolla Gialla linea Rauscedo

Discover the complete selection of still and sparkling wines of Cantina Rauscedo


Come and visit

One territory and two modern wine cooperatives that have perfectly blended into the landscape. And wine shops allowing you to buy directly from us. Come and discover Rauscedo.