Sauvignon Casa Quaranta

Fresh and refined with an aromatic bouquet ranging from sage to tropical fruits. Casa Quaranta is the celebration of Sauvignon. This wine brings to the glass the magnificence of the location its grapes are cultivated in, between rivers Tagliamento and Meduna.

Sauvignon Casa Quaranta


  • Color: Shades that are slightly more intense than a pale yellow. The typical green reflections of this variety are present but delicate
  • Aroma: Complex and deep, definitely Sauvignon. Delicate hints of citrus join the fruity aroma of mature tropical fruits. The vegetal notes typical of Sauvignon wines are present, elegant, more mature and not grassy
  • Taste: It seduces for the excellent balance of complexity, volume and sapid freshness. The typical Sauvignon notes of its aroma are powerfully felt in the mouth too. It leaves a very long aromatic reminiscence to the palate
  • Paring: It adds value to fish carpaccio and shellfish as well as vegetable risottos and asparagus based meals


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