From the Prealps to the sea

A beautiful and sometimes harsh nature. We respect it and it repays us with the miracle of a vine that is born from stones and becomes wine.

Set among rivers Tagliamento, Meduna and Cellina our vineyards are located in the southern floodplain of Friuli and are surrounded by bare and gravel riverbeds that are yet very lively. In this area the Alps breeze blends with the mild sea currents. The abundant rain allows stones to give the soil the minerals that grapes hold and then release in the intense wine aromas.


The “Clap”

Clap means stone in Friulano, the language spoken by locals. It is the symbol of our landscape, from riverbeds to house walls. In particular, it is the secret that makes this area ideal to grow vines. The soil is similar to the one in the Bordeaux Graves region and it is a combination of alluvial sediment, pebbles and stones allowing the perfect maturation of grapes and giving rich aromas to our wines.


An endless palette

The vineyards of Cantina Rauscedo extend for over 1,700 hectares: an immense mosaic expanding from the Carnic Prealps almost to the Marano Lagoon, where river Tagliamento flows into the Adriatic Sea. A wide diversity of habitats meets the extraordinary number of grape variety expressions and provides our enologists with an inestimable fortune.


The vine’s virtuous circle

Vine wellbeing equals high-quality wine.

Together with the constant monitor of our agronomists, it is our caring look that guarantees the wellbeing of our vines, the quality of our grapes, the salubrity and the taste of our wine. A virtuous circle originating from the shoots.

A healthy and leafy vine grows from the experience of the men and women dedicating themselves to it.

Authenticity lovers

Our knowledge of wine is profound and organic. It starts from the understanding and the selection of the various families of vine varieties, that we assess both on the field and through vinification. It is an incomparable expertise which makes us choose monovarietal wines from grape varieties that best express the essence of our territory.

Our vocation is to deeply understand every vine variety in order to discover their rich expressiveness and give it back to them


Come and visit

One territory and two modern wine cooperatives that have perfectly blended into the landscape. And wine shops allowing you to buy directly from us. Come and discover Rauscedo.