The character of Friuli

In Friuli cooperation is the answer to a non-easy life setting. The ability to join forces in view of important challenges has made the people of Friuli a role model for others.

And this is how Cantina Rauscedo was founded: in 1951 all the families and people of Rauscedo joined forces to create a cooperative whose members would bring their grapes to after growing them within the territory.
This is how we got here and how we became a solid reality in the production of high-quality wines that are the authentic expression of the territory and its people.


Tenacious pioneers

Take new roads and have the courage to travel them. This is the only way to make miracles happen, such as generating grapevines from stones. Since 1917 the Rauscedo community has used the technique of grafting on American vines, mainly to preserve European vines.

This skill has made our territory a worlwide excellence and together with the most advanced techniques and technologies it has allowed us to produce wines of extraordinary quality. We have always guaranteed rapidity, precision and “gentleness” in the production process, even when producing high quantities of wines.


Our wine cooperatives

The Codroipo wine cooperative joined the historical Rauscedo cooperative in 2013.
The 1950s Italian genius conceived a structure for the Cantina Rauscedo that could adapt to future developments. Generous volumes and old-time rooms housing cisterns and cutting-edge systems for the vinification of grapes coming from over 1,200 hectares of vineyards.
Our second branch is located in Codroipo, a few steps away from the historical Villa Manin. This structure blends well with the landscape and its space is harmonious. The entrance area is dedicated to the yearly wine tastings of our enologists and to the various events open to our community and visitors.

The Rauscedo system

A twist of solid bonds entirely dedicated to vines and wines. A circular know-how which goes from the production of shoots to the vinification process. A virtuous system that we like to call the ‘Rauscedo system’. The work of Cantina Rauscedo has always crossed the work of the Rauscedo vine nurseries, an international excellence that has spent over a hundred years identifying the best expressions of local and non-local grape varieties. This is why Rauscedo is one of the most important points of reference in the worldwide viticulture and wine culture.

Our Certifications

We are very careful and meticulous when producing our wines and our processes aim at the maximum well-being for the vine and at the top quality for the wine. Virtue is the key and our certifications can prove it.

Our Recognitions

Our dedication and the quality of our wines have been awarded numerous times in the past 70 years of activity, as our national and international recognitions can demonstrate.


The Rauscedo wines

Light, fresh and with a pleasant aroma our wines are made in the area of the ‘stones of Friuli’, an extraordinary land surrounded by rivers Tagliamento, Meduna and Cellina.

selezione di vini fermi e spumanti di Cantina Rauscedo

Come and visit

One territory and two modern wine cooperatives that have perfectly blended into the landscape. And wine shops allowing you to buy directly from us. Come and discover Rauscedo.